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About Me

I have always had a desire to be creative, but I never knew how I could do that. When I think of an artist I think of a painter or a musician, I am neither of these.

In early 2020 I took a pottery course and from that first class I knew I had found my passion, and one class for 3 hours a week wasn’t going to be enough.

Working with clay takes me out of my head, it allows me to forget whatever else is going on in my life, I’m only focused on what is in front of me.

I’m so grateful to have been able to turn my hobby into something more.

From a lump of clay, with my two hands, I can create a piece that will be treasured by you, or be given as a gift to someone special, this fills me with immense joy and pride.

No two pieces are exactly the same, each piece it perfectly imperfect, just like us.

I am humbled that you have chosen Perfectly Imperfect Ceramics, thank you.

Sarah x
Owner & Chief Maker